All of our food is carefully made by hand and is not only gluten free, but also free of all grains and added sugars. We don’t use any artificial ingredients or preservatives and we only use meat from animals that are humanely raised and never given antibiotics or harmful medicines.
  • gluten free chicken nuggets


    $8.50 per Box

    Rated 5.00 out of 5
    $17.00 per Bag


$8.50 per Box

Our Chicken Nuggets have no grains or gluten, no artificial “stuff” and include just seven simple ingredients. We buy chicken that is humanely raised and has no antibiotics or growth hormones. Our nuggets are breaded with a well-seasoned, crunchy crust of yellow split peas.


$16.50 per Bag  

If you love to eat chicken nuggets as much as we do, then you’ll appreciate this FAMILY SIZE Chicken Nugget Bag. It has 1 pound (16 ounces) of chicken nuggets, almost 20 nuggets worth, that are grain and gluten free. 

“We got our first “Taster case” a few days ago… Chick full of pizza, Chicken nuggets and Enchiladas… have tried the pizza & nuggets so far.. the biggest win was the nuggets with highest praise, followed by the pizza sauce…lol. You should think about selling your sauce. Congrats on a successful launch!! ” Cindi Handloff Brooks

“My son just went off to college with a fridge, freezer, amazing cooking skills, and lots of prepared foods and snacks. It was perfect timing for Caleb’s Cooking Company to get started. Fast, easy and delicious food that my son can quickly heat up. My first phone call with him after I had gotten back home was about dinner and his reply was that he heated up the enchiladas in the dining hall and it was delicious. Thank you for helping our kids “normalise” what they are going through with foods that satisfy on many levels. Mindy Levine

“My daughter – 13 years old has been on SCD since March this year, today she got her first shipment from and she tried enchiladas, her exact comments “Mom, this tastes like Chipotle!” She was so glad after so many months she got her first taste of restaurant like food. She loved the red sauce. Thanks Cindy Frei and Caleb for starting this and giving us an option for our awesome kids. ” Nisha Paliwal

Some of our foods may be considered an “advanced food” for those on the SCD diet. We soak our beans for 24 hours, but please be careful if you have dietary issues.

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